How to become a VACC Austria Controller

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Register your VATSIM account

   If you are not already a VATSIM member, go to and create your account. Make sure your account is assigned to VATEUR (Europe) divison and VATEUD (Europe without UK and Russia) subdivision.

2.) Register at VACC-Austria

   If your are not already registered in the VACC-Austria, go to and create your account.
   Keep in mind, that the credentials for the VACC-Austria infrastructure differs from your VATSIM account!

3.) Check your VATSIM region assignment

   Go to<YOUR VATSIM ID> (e.g. and check if the region shows "Austria".
   In case the region is not selected or not correct, send a mail to and ask to correct the region assignment.

4.) At that point we strongly recommend that you connect to the network and fly around for several hours to get a feeling for the pilot side and spend some hours at observing active controllers in Austria to get a feeling for that task as well. Remember, the best controllers are also pilots, however, having (virtual) pilot experience is not a requirement but a recommendation from our side.

5.) Apply for controller status

   Log into the VACC-Austria homepage ( and select from the menu "member" and select "???" (deutschsprachige Mitglieder finden die Bewerbung unter "Mitglied" -> "???").
   In the information form fill out your application. Please do not forget to tell us something abount your person, skills, previous knowledge regarding flight simulation, phraseology, ...