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Requirements for being a Mentor/Trainer within vACC-Austria

Must be 18 years of age or above

  • Membership with vACC-Austria of at least 6 months and preferably a minimum of 18 months membership with VATSIM
  • Must hold a C1 rating or above *
  • Expected to have comprehensive knowledge of ATC procedures and how to use them properly
  • Expected to be patient and pedagogical
  • Expected to feel comfortable in helping others
  • Expected to be able to commit approximately 5 hours per week

The Training Department of vACC reserves the right to may lower the requirements to Senior Student (S3) if they feel there is a necessity after intense review.

The successful applicant shall receive an email about the result within 7 days of time.

Services given to Mentor/Trainer staff by Training Department

  • Certified training material
  • Support via E-Mail within 48 hours
  • Advanced education on a quarterly basis
  • Possibility for a leave of absence status (maximal 6 months in 2 years)

Removal from the status “Mentor/Trainer”

  • Upon receiving his/her resignation
  • Inactivity for more than 3 months without any notification given to the Training Department
  • “Leave of absence”-Status has been exceeded
  • Disciplinary action

Procedure of the Status-Removal “Mentor/Trainer”

  • An email * shall be sent to the Mentor asking for clarification by the Training Department
  • If no proper email - - has been received from the Mentor within 7 days, the Training Department reserves the right to revoke the status “Mentor/Trainer”.

*Email-address provided upon vACC registration