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What is VATSIM?

VATSIM (short for: Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is a worldwide private non-profit association to organize virtual air traffic. You can find more information about VATSIM at

There is a regional structure:

  - VATEUR (consists of VATEUD, VATUK, VATRUS)
    - VATEUR is split in three Divisions :
      - VATEUD (32 European VACC's)
        - VACC Austria
      - VATUK  (Includes only the United Kingdom and it is split in UK's 3 FIR's)
      - VATRUS (Includes Russias 12 FIR's and VACC Ukraine)

As Real As It Gets

VATSIM has a motto: "As real as it gets": We use professional charts, issued by our real counterparts, the ATC for real world traffic. We use their procedures - just a few simplifications, because we are virtual. We even use (most of) their FIR, air traffic boundaries and frequencies.

Pilots are free and welcome to fly in the VATSIM network - the more, the more fun we have. They can flock up in virtual airlines, fly alone, as they like.

As for controllers, things are a bit different, because controlling air traffic "as real as it gets" requires learning and training. And - it is great fun too! Therefore, there is a "career" (S1->S2->S3->C1->...), there are stations you are allowed to staff (DEL, GND, APP, ...), there are even tests (ATSimTest, CPT, OTS). On the other hand: You are welcome in a community of fellow controllers who meet and have fun.


The Training Department welcomes you to the virtual ATC world of VATSIM. Once you have decided to join, this is your way towards Center Control.

Your training contains several theoretical and practical lessons.


see Study Guide:Euroscope

Rules & Regulations

For sure, the priority of our hobby is having fun. But don´t forget we want to provide professional service to our pilots and this contains a handful of rules which we don´t have to ignore.

The holy bible is the Code of Conduct. This regulation is valid for everyone on VATSIM.

Additionally every VACC has Rules&Regulations regarding internal topics. Have a look into our Rules and Regulations.

Gentlemens' Agreement

Not everything is written down in a document. The VACC-Austria stands for an excellent relationship among ourselves, courtesy and their reliabilty. If you want to receive these qualities, give it to each other. There is a Gentlemen's agreement: If you are unsure what the code of conduct says, then you might agree to being a gentleman :-)

Booking your station

If you want to control on a specific date and time, you have to book your station on our homepage. Choose your station and the time you want to make ATC. If you´ve booked your station, everyone (especially the pilots) will see when they can expect ATC service and plan their flight to or from your station. If you won´t be able to control at your booked time, please delete your booking. It is not nice if pilots fly to the airport according to your booking and no ATC is online. Another point is: Please be online for the whole booked time.

Teamspeak during your ATC session

Being online on teamspeak while being online at VATSIM is highly recommended.

  • As OBS, you are welcome to join any channel with active ATCs. Please respect privacy in the meeting channels, and ask for permission if you join training lessons.
  • As controller, it is highly recommended to be online at teamspeak and to join the channel you need to communicate with other ATC.

Your first basic lesson

Berfore your first basic lesson it is required to install the software written above. Be on time to your lesson to avoid delay.


There is also a PPT presentation for the basic lesson:

[Basic Lesson]