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This Wiki is the official source of all training documents for virtual pilots and virtual controllers of VACC Austria.

All articles in this Wiki are free to use for training purposes for virtual aviation fans, but this articles are for simulation only and it is strictly forbidden to use them for any purpose in real aviation! Free use of our Wiki for training means it is free to read and print the provided articles for your own, but it is not allowed to publish complete articles or parts of them in any way on other sources, except with written prior permission of the current staff of VACC Austria.

Articles are primary read only, except for members of VACC Austria. Those are able to create and edit most of the articles provided on this Wiki (except system articles). Every member who writes or edits and article on our Wiki grants all rights of his changes automatically to VACC Austria.

If a member uploads media (like pictures) or any other material to this Wiki (or any other system provided by VACC Austria) he automatically grants unrestricted right to VACC Austria to use this material in any way. Also the uploading user is responsible for any copyright issue risen by his uploaded material, which means every user who uploads material to VACC Austrias infrastructure has to own the legal right to upload this material either by beeing the legal owner of the material or by beeing granted by the legal owner in written form to upload this image. In this case the relevant document has to be sent to the official contact of VACC Austria staff prior uploading the material!