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Welcome to VACC Austria's DokuWiki

Hello and welcome to the documentation system of VACC Austria. We use this system to provide you the documentation you need to control or sometimes to fly in virtual Austrian airspace. If you have any question about Austrian airspace or our procedures then you should be good to find this information here. But of course, such a project cannot be maintained by some few members - this project needs the help of everyone. So if you have some information that would fit into this Wiki then do not hesitate to add a new page or edit an existing. You have to be logged in for that, how to login is described later. If you need help on how to edit an article you can find all necessary information Help.


About our Wiki

Currently there are 62 Articles in this Wiki, which are maintained by 177 registered users. Until now they changed them 4,658 times. For a small overview about our Wiki we ask you to use following links:

A complete list of automatically generated lists can be found here.

How to enter this wiki

Everybody is allowed to read this wiki, but changes are only allowed for registered users of VACC Austria. Your personal login information can be requested on our homepage, it is as the same as the login for our website. Registering for our Wiki only is not possible. If you are logged in some pages are locked for editing too because they are system pages and can only be edited by our admins.

Important information and documents

Main airports in Austria:

Documents for Pilots:

Documents for Controllers:

Quick Reference for Controllers: