How to become a VACC Austria Controller

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Register your VATSIM account

If you are not already a VATSIM member, go to and create your account. Make sure your account is assigned to VATEUR (Europe) divison and VATEUD (Europe without UK and Russia) subdivision.

Check your VATSIM region assignment

Go to<YOUR VATSIM ID> (e.g. and check if the region shows "Austria". In case the region is not selected or not correct, send a mail to and ask to correct the region assignment.

Register at VACC-Austria

If your are not already registered in the VACC-Austria, go to and create your account. Keep in mind, that the credentials for the VACC-Austria infrastructure differs from your VATSIM account!

At that point we strongly recommend that you connect to the network and fly around for several hours to get a feeling for the pilot side and spend some hours at observing active controllers in Austria to get a feeling for that task as well. Remember, the best controllers are also pilots, however, having (virtual) pilot experience is not a requirement but a recommendation from our side.

Apply for controller status

Log into the VACC-Austria homepage ( and select from the menu "member" and select "???" (deutschsprachige Mitglieder finden die Bewerbung unter "Mitglied" -> "???"). In the information form fill out your application. Please do not forget to tell us something abount your person, skills, previous knowledge regarding flight simulation, phraseology, ...