How to become a visiting controller in the VACC Austria

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Requirements to become a visiting controller

  1. The applicant is required to obey the Rules of VACC Austria.
  2. The applicant is required to hold a permanent Senior Student (S3) or above rating.
  3. The applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  4. The applicant should have a justified interest in controlling the requested airspace.
  5. The applicant is required for at least 10 Hours services in the period of 6 month.

  • Please note: The right to claim being a visiting controller does not exist.

Register at VACC-Austria

If your are not already registered in the VACC-Austria, go to our Homepage and create your account. Keep in mind, that the credentials for the VACC-Austria infrastructure differs from your VATSIM account!

Gather some practice and experience

At this point we strongly recommend that you connect to the network and fly around our Airports for several hours to get a feeling on the pilot side and spend some hours at observing active controllers in Austria, as well. Feel free to chat with other pilots and controllers in our Teamspeak Voice Chat and share your experience with us in our Forums. Remember, the best controllers are also pilots, however, having (virtual) pilot experience is not a requirement but a recommendation from our side.

Apply for visting controller status

Log into the VACC-Austria homepage and select from the menu "member" and select "My Training" . In the information form fill out the application. Please give us some details about yourself, your skills, previous experience with flight simulation, phraseology etc. It would be nice to read some words about your motivation to apply for an visiting controller status and how much hours you would spend into manning an VACC Austria position per month.

Procedure for accepted visiting controllers

After your acceptence as a visiting controller, anticipate the contact of your dedicated mentor, for further information.