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Teamspeak is a voice chat client for the use of communication with friends, pilots and controllers, as well as a trainings tool. Teamspeak is further used for the coordination with other active ATC stations. Active ATC controllers are required to use Teamspeak while on station.

Teamspeak 2

This version of Teamspeak has been used for many yeares, but is now out of service. We use the newer version Teamspeak3.

Teamspeak 3

Download the Teamspeak 3 Client (32 or 64 bit) and follow the installation routine.

Before we can set up the client we need to set up the permission token, so that the server can connect the Teamspeak-User with the vACC registration.

To receive the permission key you have to log in on the vACC Austria homepage. Then you go via Members -> My Teamspeak3 and press the link Create bookmark and connect. This link creates a bookmark in your Teamspeak3 Client with the correct permission token. When you first connect, the server checks the token against the database and grants you the corresponding server groups.